Happy New Year!

Happy New Year folks. I hope you all had a great Christmas and didn’t get too wet in the floods around New Year. I know that the flooding in Peebles was pretty bad and some tweed valley bikers got flooded.  Bad times.  Lets hope we see the sun sometime soon to allow the water table to drop to normal levels.

Right, what has been happening in TVTA land over the Chrimbo break?

  1. Progress has been made filling out endless forms as we apply to become a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation.  Being a recognised organisation is important, but the process is fairly dull. It just needs doing.
  2. Writing the official constitution for the group – this is tied into the point above and once you know what you want to “be” you know what statements you need to allow people to know what you are and hope to achieve.

How can you be involved? Well we are meeting up on the 11th January to look at where we’re at as well as discuss the documents mentioned above. We thought we would head down the valley to Inners this time and meet at the Traquair Arms. Well, this is about the valley.

  • Monday 11th January – 1900 at Traquair Arms, Innerleithen

If you have a particularly useful skill and think that you could help us, we would love to know. To get in touch, just drop us an email to tvta.scotland@gmail.com




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