Mission Statement

The Tweed Valley Trail Association (TVTA) is a community group dedicated to the stewardship and development of the Tweed Valley mountain bike trail network.

Group Aims

  1. Culture and Responsibility
    To promote and manage the responsible growth and stewardship of the Tweed Valley’s trail network maintenance and development.
  2. Community Representation
    To provide an independent feedback and opinions platform with a clear voice for the Tweed Valley mountain bike trail user community to engage with Government bodies, Forestry Commission Scotland, land managers and other stakeholders.
  3. Trail Stewardship
    In recognising the mountain bike trails of the Tweed Valley as assets that contribute to a positive impact on the local community and economy, we aim to become a responsible group of trained volunteers, able to build, inspect, restore, preserve and maintain trails that align with relevant and accepted standards and practices and seek to develop new standards and practices where improvements are deemed beneficial to ensuring the mountain bike trail assets.
  4. Fund Raising
    To become an independent legal body able to independently fund raise and direct financial contributions towards the responsible growth and management of the trail network.

Where is the Tweed Valley Forest Park

Map coming soon when we make one 🙂